Caribou from the air -  Upper photo is Thursdays on Sweden
A friend and classmate made this comment to me in a recent e-mail, "Not venturing far these days. Would love to get back home to Caribou for a peek."    I'm sure there are many others who feel the same way, so I thought maybe we could give our friends and classmates a "peek" at Caribou as it is today.  This will be a continuing work in progress, so come back now and then and see what's new.    

Bike Maine held in Caribou in 2018
                      High Street after a storm                                                     Caribou hosted Bike Maine in 2018


 Nylander Museum
                           Collins Pond

                                  Rush Hour :)

                                        Beautiful Aroostook River       


                                                                      Caribou NOA Weather Station






                                    Caribou High School







 Cary Medical Center